Eugenie de Silva has an in-depth academic background specifically in intelligence analysis, intelligence studies, interrogation, Denial and Deception (D&D), legal studies, and now education, globalization, and international development. Accordingly, Eugenie is offering three distinct services as listed below.

Services –

Analytical Report Development:

Eugenie will develop Open-Source reports on any topic as per your request. These analytical reports will be referenced and provided to you within you necessary timeline. Eugenie also guarantees your anonymity when working with her.

Analytical Services:

Eugenie will conduct in-depth analyses with regard to any topic. Due to the nature of many topics, these analytical services may require a minimum of three weeks, but other arrangements can and will be made based on your situation. Your anonymity is guaranteed, and Eugenie will provide reports in any format that is requested.

Investigative Services:

For more information with regard to investigative services, contact . Your anonymity is guaranteed. Within the body of your email to inquire about these investigative services, please briefly elaborate on your situation and what you would like to be investigated.

For pricing and other inquiries, you may contact us via our “Contact Us” page. Otherwise, to receive more information or to acquire information about any of the services, you may also send an email to ( ) and you will receive a reply within 2 – 3 business days. Your anonymity is guaranteed, and Eugenie will personally work with you to achieve your goals. Eugenie is not currently associated with any law enforcement, intelligence, or government entities. All financial and other transactions will be handled through E&E Enterprises an external organization that will also maintain your anonymity. Eugenie is a partner of E&E Enterprises and works closely to ensure that all services are handled appropriately to guarantee your satisfaction.